Saturday, June 23, 2012

230 CMS 1.0revC.2012 is Out!

Yup. As I mentioned sometime this week, the revision C of the script's 1.0 branch is out. You can get it from its Sourceforge page or from its Google Code page. Off to the changelog list now.


Here are the changes in this release:
  1. Fix: Minor alterations to the PassData class to eliminate an E_STRICT warning.
  2. Fix: Minor bug fixes to the Account and Install files to eliminate an E_STRICT warning.
  3. New: Footer social icons' titles are more descriptive (better than plain URLs).
  4. New: Ability to drop a social network icon from the footer. You can drop any of the social networking icons from the footer by leaving the field BLANK on the Admin_Site_Settings page.


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