Project Change. !Important

Beginning from 26th, April, 2011, the project is now called 230CMS Project. If you have bookmarked this site's URL, please update it to the new one: http://230cms.blogspot.com. Barblefork's development is over. 230CMS' development is where my heart is. Screenshots of this script will be published here in the coming days.

P.S: The script is in the ALPHA STATE.

Development Status

Here is a view of the Homepage after installation of 230CMS. This screenshot is meant to whet your desires; let's wait for the official release of the script.

Previous Project

"I started Barblefork Project out of my love for Blikis. The project is meant to create a bliki script that is:
  1. Simple to use.
  2. Easy to configure.
  3. One that at least gives the *blikker* (ha, ha!) more control of the site than the current scripts that are almost open to every Dick and Harry.
  4. Improving UX overall. My plan is to take Barblefork the Wordpress.com of blicking.


I created Barblefork out of the source code of WikyBlog, a neglected bliki engine. I love wikis more than blogs. The very first site I ever created was a wiki site. The good thing about the script I was using then was that it had comments for its wiki pages in addition to blogging features right out of the box. I guess this *blogging/blicking* feature fired up my interest in running a dedicated bliki script for my next site. Unfortunately, I neglected my site and I saw no need of it after it was hacked into. Meanwhile, I was searching all over cyberspace for bliki software until I found WikyBlog. I installed on my server and since then I have played around with some of its features while using it for my notes.
NOTE: Barblefork is a fork of WikyBlog.

Why the Fork?

Let me give the reasons in the form of a list.
  1. *Geekiness*. Here is one truth: the average webmaster or newbie is not that interested in complicated bells and whistles. In fact this can be a turn off. The parent script, although still in BETA, still has some nerdy stuff e.g enhanced scrolling (what is that?), enhanced tabbed browsing (anyone?), maps.
  2. *Developer Links*. WikyBlog has 5 more links on the side menu pointing to the developer's site in addition to the footer link. For any average blogger/*blicker* who doesn't know how to switch them off, this can dissuade from using the script. A footer link is enough, aye?
  3. *Development pace*. The last release of WikyBlog was uploaded more than 1 year ago.
  4. *Usability* WikyBlog's tabbed interface is quite confusing to an average surfer. The comments system is based on MediaWiki's Talk page feature; it's not quite an attractive feature. Enhanced scrolling????
  5. *Target Audience*. The [[http://www.wikyblog.com|parent script's]] footer link's title reads "WikyBlog, not exactly a wiki, not exactly a blog"!!!Barblefork's bliki will be much more biased towards blogging but will still keep some wiki features such as version control, wikis syntax...


I'll be separating the bliki from the wiki in the 2.X release.

I'll be posting more information in the coming weeks. Best regards"

Saul Ramissisu