Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project Name Change: Napata CMS

Naming an open source project can be quite tough really. Horrible. I am not alone here: see this post. The new name that I have chosen for the project is Napata CMS. I think that is more memorable than 230 CMS (just think of the Kingdom of Kush or read about this ancient city on Wikipedia). If you like the name change you can comment about it. Now let's get into the hard work of creating project pages, creating a new site for the project .... :-(.

P.S: It's back to my African roots really. Napata CMS all the way.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

230 CMS 1.1.2012 is Out

The 1.1.2012 release of the script is out. This is a backport release containing the new theme switching administration function that is built into the upcoming 1.2 release. It also contains little cosmetic changes to the pre-packaged themes that have been backported from 1.2. Other little changes include proper error-handling when a page is not found, file location changes, addition of the Class_Template that handles the theme admin functioning and numerous little fixes.
A listed breakdown of the changes is (just repeating the stuff above):
  1. New: Added a theme switching capability to the Administration of Themes in the admin backend.
  2. Change: Minor cosmetic changes to the pre-packaged themes.
  3. Change: Many more miscellaneous changes.
You can get the script on the script's SourceForge project page or on Google Code.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

230 CMS 1.0revC.2012 is Out!

Yup. As I mentioned sometime this week, the revision C of the script's 1.0 branch is out. You can get it from its Sourceforge page or from its Google Code page. Off to the changelog list now.


Here are the changes in this release:
  1. Fix: Minor alterations to the PassData class to eliminate an E_STRICT warning.
  2. Fix: Minor bug fixes to the Account and Install files to eliminate an E_STRICT warning.
  3. New: Footer social icons' titles are more descriptive (better than plain URLs).
  4. New: Ability to drop a social network icon from the footer. You can drop any of the social networking icons from the footer by leaving the field BLANK on the Admin_Site_Settings page.