Basic Formatting

  1. '''My text will be bold'''
  2. ''Italicized text''
  3. code{{Showing monospaced text using the CODE syntax}}code
  4. cent{{Centered text}}cent
  5. del{{Deleted text}}del
  6. und{{Underlined text}}und
  7. todo{{//TODO comments}}todo NOTE: Do not add 'TODO' in your comments. That will be added automatically


  1. == Heading 2 == upto ====== Heading 6 ======


  1. [] or [ Link text to be displayed]. A "space" separates the URI and the link text in the second format.

Internal Links

Either [[Link text to be displayed::page_ID_Number]] or [[Link text to be displayed|Existing page's Title]].

    @Username Links

    1. @username Syntax for reply links

    Email Syntax

    1. mail{{}}mail


    1. quote{{My text to be put in blockquotes}}quote


    1. Numbered lists. List items are appended with a hash (#).
    2. Bulleted lists. List items are appended with a bullet (*).
    For more formatting rules please download the documentation in the release folder.