Here are some of the features of this CMS script:
  1. Three user-levels: Moderators, Admin and Registered levels. (Not fully developed yet).
  2. Revisions system. Every article/page/post that you create automagically pushes the previous similarly-named page to the Revisions section. That means you'll not lose previous versions of your articles/posts/pages at all.
  3. Easy and memorable formatting syntax. The syntax is rich and it is easy to learn and understand. It is Mediawiki-like with some little additions (see the syntax page).
  4. CSS templating engine. If you would like to change the look and feel of your site's themes, just edit the CSS files in the theme's folder. All themes are located in the "Themes" directory.
  5. Easy templating system. A little knowledge of HTML plus a little of PHP is all that is needed to edit the template files for each theme. Each theme has a single (yes, single) template file that you can edit to change your site's page structure.
  6. Social icons. Simply editing the config file, you can point links to your social media profiles. This script comes with social media linking out of the box.
  7. Userpages (created automatically). (Not fully developed).