Saturday, June 16, 2012

230 CMS 1.0revB.2012 Released

230 CMS 1.0revB.2012 is out. You can get it from Google Code (SourceForge has upload issues right now but I am working on getting the release out there). Simply go to the project's pages using the download links on the right. This is a minor release to 1.0. The major change in this release targets password security issue. Now that is something MAJOR (especially if you are security-crazy). So as not to bore you in any way, here is the complete list of changes:
  1. Change: Password hashing algorithm strengthened.
  2. Change: Minor changes to the accounts, login pages.
  3. Change: Minor changes to the hashing of admin's initial password on the installer.
  4. Change: Minor change to the Default skin.


{Sigh} The latest release is now on Sourceforge. You can download it here.
Enjoy! ;-)


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