Friday, May 4, 2012

230 CMS 1.0.a Released

230 CMS 1.0.a is out. Initially, this release was meant to fix a packaging issue in the previous 1.0 release. But that did not turn out to be merely another fix. I have placed in some major changes to the functioning of the script starting with a new, slick installer to the back-end administration of your site's settings (this has eliminated the need to manually edit your config file, hooray!). Here is a list of the changes added to this release:

  1. Change: Logout script now redirects to the login page.
  2. Change: Minor changes to the PassData class.
  3. Change:Change to the ErrorReporting() function to use only a single argument, the error_level.
  4. Change: Password column changed from Tinytext to Varchar.
  5. New/Fix: Added the upgrade script to 1.0.
  6. Change: Altered the naming protocol of upgrade script files to be more decriptive.
  7. Fix: The Admin themes page shows the installed themes plus the theme screenshot.
  8. New: Htaccess file added to protect the config file.
  9. Fix: POST values from the edit form checked prior to showing the edit form. Empty values on submission will cause a redirection to an error page instead of showing an empty form.
  10. Fix: Syntax Help popup is scrollable.
  11. New: Updated the script's installer.
  12. New: Site settings can be modified by the admin in the admin panel.
  13. Updated the 'Editing the Config File' page in the documentation to reflect the change to editing through the Admin section.

Download the Latest Release

You can download the latest release here. Enjoy, :-).


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