Saturday, March 24, 2012

!Important 230 CMS 1.0 released

230 CMS 1.0 is out. Here are some of the changes that I have implemented in this release:

  1. New: Error pages: ArticleError, ErrorLogged and NoFile pages.
  2. Change: Minor tweaks to the showpage.php source code. Does not alter the functioning of the script in any way.
  3. New: The number of posts/articles to be shown on the homepage can be set in the config file.
  4. Change: Updated the footer file to show the copyright year.
  5. New: Added social networking icons to the footer.
  6. New: Added constants for social networking sites profile links to the config file, 230.php.
  7. New: Hashing of user passwords.
  8. Change: Overhaul of pre-installed themes.
  9. New: Added "Editing the Config file" page to the documentation.
  10. Change: "Edit Page" form and "Create Page" form now ride on a single bar.
  11. Change: Minor changes to some constants on 230.php to make them more descriptive.
  12. Change: 2 smaple posts dropped. "Lorem ipsum" sample post added to replace the dropped posts.
  13. New:'Registered', 'Admin', 'Moderator' user database columns dropped and replaced by a "Role" column.
  14. Change:Updated the installer.
  15. Fix: Admin username specified on the config file assigned to sample posts during installation.


You can download the documentation from the 1.0 release folder as a separate file.

Seen something buggy?

If you notice a bug in the script's working don't hesitate to report it on the project's bug tracker.
Happy testing (and probably consumption)!
Remember: This script is in perpetual beta, ;-)


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