Thursday, December 15, 2011

!Important 230 CMS r0.8 Out

 230 CMS 0.8 is out! Here are some of the changes that have gone into the release. 
  1. Change: Text-decoration NONE for links on articles.
  2. Fix: <title> tags now show.
  3. Fix: Security fixes.
  4. New: NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOARCHIVE robots for revised pages.
  5. New: Parser overhaul. Regular expressions replace str_replace for tokens.
  6. Change: Index.php changed. Index templates use eliminated. 
  7. Change: Sample posts included in installer.
  8. New: Internal Linking syntax [[Link Text::post ID]] or [[Link Text|Existing Page's Title]]. Please see the script's documetation.
  9. Change: Installer Check checks for the maintenance folder too.
  10. Change: Changes to the Login and Logout scripts.
  11. Fix: Page will not be saved into our DB if a user tampers with the title during Editing.
  12. Fix: Fixed the bug that prevented page saves if a duplicate key (id) of an article is found. This bug occurred if you deleted one of the revisions and tried saving a new edit that has a similar name.
  13. Change: "Welcome" sample post changed to "Hello World" sample post.
  14. Fix: Link on the "Not Logged in" message for admin-only pages points to the right page. Fix for "Object Not Found" error message when the link is clicked.
  15. Change: "Hello World!" post/page, formerly the "Welcome" page, external links now point to the English Wikipedia.
  16. Change: External Linking syntax changed from elink::http://...::elink TO link::http://...::link.
  17. Fix: ErrorReporting() function for switching ON/OFF PHP's error_reporting. Fix for NOTICES showing.
  18. Change: Addition of new constants on the config file, 230.php.
  19. Change: "Home" and "Login" buttons use GET instead of POST.
  20. Change: Updated the README.txt and README.php files. Content written using 230 CMS Syntax Formatting.
If you encounter any bug or weakness in the script, why not contact me.One new change I have done for this release is that now you can download the Documentation separately. You can download the Documentation plus the latest release on the project's Sourceforge files page.


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