Monday, December 19, 2011

!Important 230 CMS -NP- 0.10 released (Gone Mediawiki)

NB: The "NP" in this release's name actually stands for "New Parser".
This is one of the low moments in this script's development. The biggest change I've introduced into this release is the parser that now uses a subset of Mediawiki's syntax. Well, I should have soldiered on with my own little parser but after reading section 1.3 on MeatballWiki, I had to change (terrible!). However, I haven't ditched some of the syntax rules yet such as centered, underline, blockquote and internal linking syntax.

Markdown vs Mediawiki syntax

I had to wrestle with this too. Markdown is (somehow) popular (Github and StackOverflow use it) but those who praise it seem to be the coder/developer types :-(. Mediawiki's syntax, OTOH,  has some userbase (that is my presumption) that is not really geeky. This was one of the reasons why I chose Mediawiki's syntax rather Markdown.
Additionally, Markdown's headings and external linking syntax were not quite beautiful to me. Mediawiki's heading and external linking syntax are presentable.


Back to the changelog now. Here are the little changes I have intorduced into this release:
  1. New: Using Steven Blinch"s WikiParser library. Syntax is now more Mediawiki like.
  2. New: Added methods to the WikiParser class.
  3. Change: Minor changes to the TODO syntax output
  4. Change: Theme tweaks. parsedcontent() function replaced with the $content variable.
  5. Change: Changes to the index.php, showpage.php files to use the parser class.
  6. Change: Minor alterations to the all.php and revisions.php files.
  7. Change: Help_Text_Formatting page updated with the new syntax rules.
  8. Change: Updated the documentation.
You can download both the latest release and documentation from the project's Sourceforge page.


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