Saturday, October 8, 2011

!Important 230 CMS 0.6 released

(Some) End User: How can a dev improve the frontend and neglect the backend of a script (I am looking at you dev)?
Dev: I'am a dead man.

That was an aside really.
230 CMS 0.6 is now out. Here are the changes that I have implemented in this release.
  1. Change: Minor tweaks to the indexTemplates.
  2. Fix: "All Pages", "Admin" and "Revisions" use GET. Fix for issue of "Firefox Resend" popup appearing when the "Back" button is clicked.
  3. Change: README, CONTRIBUTORS, UPGRADE and CLASSES files converted to PHP files from text files. 
  4. Change: Backend aesthetics changes. (Update)
  5. Change: functions CSSEngine() and TPLEngine().
  6. Change: Theme tweaks.
  7. Fix: Error handling changes.
You can get the latest release here.

NOTE: This will be the last release using indexTemplates. And I did tweet about this sometime back.


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