Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Registrations in Barblefork v1.0-Alpha

Barblefork 1.0 (Night Shade version) is now here with us. With a little bit of tweaks I've done on the original script, you can now blick (blogging in a bliki context) whatever you like, whatever interests you....In a developer's perspective, blikis offer two directions in which the course of development can be turned to. The developer can make the script to be more blog-like (hmmmm, Tiddlywiki, a client-side wiki almost fits this description???) or more wiki-like. The former is what I've taken on this project. If you read the release notes and the documentation manuals in the package, you'll notice that I've eliminated registration. Why did I do this? If you look at any blog, you will notice that the blogger/site owner tends to have a "higher" power position than his/her readers. Blogs are points of influence in cyberspace. Bloggers can state their opinions without any fear of say someone tagging their content as inappropriate, or someone deleting (or editing) their posts in any way. Now shutting registrations is the very first step I hacve done to achieve this. I want to give the blicker (!) much more control over their site's content than what other bliki scripts give at the moment. So sleep tight, BarblefoLk; no one should edit your bliki posts.

PS: Please download the User Documentation from our SourceForge page to see how you can prevent others from editing your posts. Barblefork is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE project. It depends on people such as YOU and ME in its development. You can join the project on SourceForge. Good luck!


I'll be working more on an issue with the registration page. I small bug? Not quite.
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